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We're Back!

Where. To. Start.

Last time we talked, a film crew was on the way to shoot an episode of Tiny House Big Living, and we had just limited on Silvers. How was that nearly two years ago???

We had promised to keep everyone updated on our progress, but besides posting to Instagram, we completely dropped the ball. You’ve missed stories about building our house in the driving rain, as the Summer of 2017 was one of the wettest on record. It was MUDDY. So muddy that my cousin and I slid backwards down our hill in our 6x6, towing a trailer-full of supplies, and we had to take the trailer off and let it roll the rest of the way down the hill.

There were stories of gale-force winds, ripping our tarps off the house, always in the middle of the night. We had to move out of the cargo trailer and into the house prematurely, as the condensation inside the trailer was getting dangerous, the temps were dipping into the low 30’s, and when it was rainy and windy, the trailer would be so noisy and shake back and forth so violently, you couldn’t sleep. Can you say toddler PTSD? Once in the house, we dealt with a slightly terrifying first winter, with crummy windows from a big box store that bowed and cracked every time the wind blew over 20mph (in the winter, the winds can be sustained at 70+MPH), and with a wood cook stove that down drafted hot smoke and fire back into the house every time the wind gusted from the North, which is basically all winter. We’ve ridden out two major earthquakes and subsequent tsunami warnings and most recently, we welcomed our daughter Sequoia Snow into this world, heading off the mountain in a blizzard by snow machine, while Allyse was contracting. There really is never a dull moment around here.

All that said, we’ve learned a ton along the way and we are SO close to finishing up our home! A few more sheets of plywood, a coat of paint in the entry, some plumbing and electrical and it will be a wrap! Just have to find the time to get it all done. But when you work your day job from 6am to 6pm M-F, it doesn’t leave much of that “time” thing. In the winter, the hours after work are usually spent splitting firewood for dinner, and hauling water from our neighbor’s spring, but when the light is plentiful in the spring & summer, you can work on the house, or other projects until nearly midnight which is such a blessing. This year we have big goals: put in a large garden, hand-drill a well, install our wind turbine, add 10 meat chickens, 3 turkeys and a hog to the farm, build an office/studio, outdoor shower and maybe even a master bedroom AND self-publish a cookbook of our recipes. Mildly insane? Probably. Are we going to get it done? We sure are going to try, and we promise, PROMISE to keep you posted along the way. It’s good to be back!

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