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Lights, Camera, Limits!

It sure has been a busy Summer, the fireweed is blooming, the bears are active and the fish are running! Now that we are past solstice, the days are getting shorter and Fall will be here before we know it. We are so excited to break ground on our house on the 7th! Our lumber is being delivered this coming Monday and we will have to haul it up the 2 mile road with our 6-wheeler to get it all staged for the following week. My cousin Dan is flying up from Nevada City, CA and we are going to build it together, along with the help of Allyse and Juneau of course. Last month we were approached by HGTV about the possibility of us being on one of their shows and we are excited to announce they are flying up to shoot our build for an episode of Tiny House Big Living! It’s going to be a crazy month, two weeks of framing with my cousin, two weeks of finishing off the interior with Allyse, but we are excited to finally be at this point where our dream is becoming a reality. We will be posting plenty of photos along the way, but guessing the blog posts will be few and far between as we won’t have any time.

It was Allyse’s birthday on the 19th and our good friends Auntie Mel Mel, Captain D and their labradoodle Max from Eagle River invited us out on their boat that they are mooring in Seward! We got up at 2am, drove the 4 hours to Seward, fished for 10 and drove home and pulled in around 3! It was an awesome day being that it was Juneau’s AND Raya's first time on a boat, AND we caught limits!

We brought our catch home, stored it in our storage unit overnight to prevent the bears from cashing in on our hard work. The next day we brought it up to the trailer and processed it, vacuum-sealed some, and left the bellies and tails to smoke and some fillets to can. I did an 8 hour dry brine with brown sugar and salt, then smoked them with alder and apple for 12 hours. It came out delicious!

Allyse had been invited by our awesome neighbors the week prior to learn how to can salmon, so we used their recipe and method and it was a success!

Well we’re off to Home Depot again to look at more materials but we will keep you all updated on the build as we go along. Wish us luck!

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