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Well, it’s been a while! This past month has absolutely flown by, we have had barely enough time to sleep, let alone update our blog. Since Mother’s Day weekend, we have spent every spare moment clearing a path to, and the area surrounding our build site. We have been using a pulaski, pick axe, weed eater, along with shovels and rakes, so needless to say there's no point in having a gym membership. The main obsticles are tussocks (large clumps of dirt and grass with a nasty root system), some you can clear quickly, others take a lot of time and energy. One fine weekend our incredible neighbor dropped by and offered to bring over her Kubota backhoe and rip the tussocks out of our build site, so much faster!

We have moved twice since our last update and are now living in our cargo trailer on our land! With the help of our trusty steed (our truck 'Cherry Garcia'), we drug our trailer out our road and up our hill through fireweed, pushki, spruce and alder and parked/leveled it on top of our mountain.

Within a few days we made our trailer into our home. The 5 of us were just happy to have a dry roof over our heads and a space that was more bear proof than a tent (original plan). The hardest thing to get used to was being in the dark, so we spent Father's Day weekend putting in a wall with a window to let in the light and give us a view of Grewingk Glacier. We also built a tall sleeping platform to lift our Cal-King Sleep Number bed up off the ground and give us more storage underneath. We were all very grateful for the upgrades.

We needed a way to stay warm and dry when cooking and doing dishes, so we built a covered lean-to with a tarp, two trees from the side of the road, and some 2x4s. It may not look pretty, but it works!

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering, how do they bathe? Well, we are blessed with living near 3 creeks. So we have been filling up jugs and hauling them home in our Ranger. We boil it on our big fire pit and use it to wash up!

All though we do live off-grid, we still require a few modern luxuries like the internet. We had a local company come out last Friday and install a satellite which gave us faster internet than we ever had in the lower 48. Everything onsite is currently powered by our 3000watt generator, but that is changing as of today! We just invested a few grand into a small solar system to power everything, save for a few large appliances. A perfect way to celebrate Summer Solstice as it never gets completely dark.

This time of year, everything is rapidly coming back to life and it is a wonderful time to forage. Fiddlehead ferns are abundant, healthy and so very tasty raw. Or closest neighbor gave us a few tips on how and when to pick them, so we went out and foraged a hat-full! We sautéed shiitake mushrooms, red onions & garlic in butter. Then threw in the foraged fiddleheads for a few minutes with a splash of mirin. Then took them out & quickly cooked the Alaska-grown beef with toasted sesame oil & tamari. Served with Japanese togarashi pepper flakes – Yum.

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