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Battling Breakup

The road has been drying out, getting wet from rain, drying out, getting wet, a frustrating cycle to say the least. On Wednesday of last week it was finally at the point where it felt firm enough to take the truck in to the cabin. I made the turn on the road and got about 50 feet in when suddenly my truck sank all the way to my bumper! Luckily there was a big spruce 80 feet ahead that I was able to winch myself off of and pull the truck over to firmer ground. Then I backed out and up onto the road. That was close! Watch the struggle below.

It was a good thing I was able to get it out as we were supposed to pick up Allyse's mom in Anchorage for a Mother's Day visit the next day. We made the 5.5 hour trek up to Anchorage on Thursday, picked her up at the airport and made the 5.5 hour journey back, stopping along the way for beer and pizza at St. Elias Brewing Company in Soldotna. Good beer, good people and good food! The weekend was mainly uneventful, UNTIL Raya chased and subsequently got quilled by a porcupine. Luckily it was just three, but she sure didn't enjoy me pulling them out.

Sunday was Mother's Day and we took Allyse's mom April out to our land for a picnic. It was a beautiful, sunny day, it was nice to just sit in the grass at our future build site and watch the eagles fly overhead and ships moving about in the bay.

Juneau had a wonderful time, showing Grandma "mimi" around Homer and just spending time with her here at the cabin. Coming back after dropping April off at the Homer Airport yesterday, we arrived to a visitor in the yard. I'll just file this under #alaskalife.