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Finding Home

Well I hate to let you down, but there were no moose this week. Well, none that we saw at least, plenty of fresh tracks and moose beans however. The road is still soft, so we are using our Ranger to bring things in to the cabin. This will be our way of life year-round at our property once we are living there, and we are adjusting quickly. Our seeds have really taken off! Juneau enjoys looking at the seeds with his awesome magnifying glass our friend in Eagle River made him, he calls the seeds 'babies', new word as of this week.

We transplanted the pumpkins, squash and zucchini into Crystal Geyser gallon jugs we sliced in half. They seem to be really happy with all of this sun, as is Suki a.k.a. 'Eagle Bait'.

We have had a lot of wind here this week, which Raya absolutely hates. Back in Nevada City she would climb on our bed for comfort, we are in a loft at the cabin which has a ladder, so unfortunately she can't...Never mind, she just did. She has come up twice now. I have to fireman carry her 95 pounds of love down in the morning, so much fun.

The exciting news is that yesterday we decided to load up Silver Bullet in Silver Streak, towed by Cherry Garcia and head out to our property to go find our building site! Having only been there once before, and being Alaska, we drove past the road (roads are marked by things like broken down buses and boats) about a half mile, and had to back the trailer back out until we came back to where we needed to be. That was fun. We offloaded the Ranger and headed in the 1.75 mile road/trail to our property. We walked all around, looking at spots on the top and bottom and finally found the spot we are going to build our cabin!

We will have to cut/remove massive amounts of brush by hand, and clear a trail to bring in building supplies, but it will be a rewarding challenge! We spent a good two hours on the property, then made our way back to the cabin. We started making dinner and were suddenly jolted by a 5.4 quake! So we quickly opened a bottle of Cameron Hughes Wine (recently shipped up from the Lower 48 via carrier-Eagle) and toasted to choosing our future home site, and riding out our first Alaskan quake.

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