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The Visitor

We awoke around 4:30 to Raya barking, I thought she may have heard me move around in the loft, and was just barking at that. But she kept barking, and barking, so, I let her out. I didn't see what she was barking at, until she tore off straight up the hill about 50 yards, and there was a cow moose. I know Raya has a thing about barking at horses, well apparently it's the same with moose. I tried my hardest for 15 minutes to call her back, trying to get close to her to grab her collar (like trying to catch lightning) and at the same time running out of the way of the charging moose. After 15 minutes I grabbed my 12 gauge and fired a shot in the air and Raya came tearing back to the cabin. Phew! I felt so bad, all the moose had wanted were the tender alder shoots. Once Raya was in, the moose grazed for a bit, then went on her way.

We spent the rest of the day at the cabin, getting our seeds sorted, charted and planted! We had purchased 40 different seeds from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply in Grass Valley before we left, varietals that would grow in a northern climate. We also recently found out about FoundRoot in Haines, AK and purchased 50 or so from them. To top it off we got a few others from Denali Seed Company, including seeds for the massive cabbage and massive pumpkins you see up here in late summer, should be fun!