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It's been a few weeks, the snow is melting, yet the road is still deteriorating, everyone says breakup should be over soon, here's to hoping!

We have taken time out (as we get it) to go down to the spit and see the boats, planes, tractors and eagles. Juneau is in absolute paradise.

Our fur babies are adjusting extremely well. Raya is stoked to be running in the mud every day, and Suki is stoked to be able to be by the fire each day, watching little tasty birds through the window. We are getting used to using the outhouse, the habit of taking the phone to surf Facebook has swiftly been replaced by taking the shotgun in case of bears. We are doing all our cooking on the wood stove which has been a rewarding challenge. In case you were wondering, it IS possible to bake brownies inside of a wood stove. Do they look great? Not so much. Do they taste good? Hey, I'll eat brownies, no matter the final product, even if they are a bit crispy, yet chewy in spots, with a hint of the fires of Mordor. We were up here last year for Summer Solstice, but it's amazing that it's already so light out for so long. The sun rises around 6am and currently sets around 10 pm, though it is still light to at least 11. We are gaining 5+ minutes of daylight a day, so blackout curtains will be a necessity shortly. I was able to get the 4 wheeler on the property running and used it to move a few loads in with that which was a huge help! Here is a vid of the last half of the journey via the wheeler.

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