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Moving In

After meeting our good friend in Homer for bagels at The Bagel Shop (killer bagels and combos) we spent the entire rest of the day moving our stuff into storage, and prioritizing what would be coming with us to the cabin we are renting. Breakup is the term used for when the snow starts to melt and the roads turn to mud. We've seen mud in the Lower 48, and thought it really wouldn't be much of an issue, boy were we wrong. Chalk it up to being a Cheechako. The cabin is 1.5 miles down a road, that is only traversable by foot during breakup. So, we loaded two sleds full of our stuff, Juneau in the front of mine, Suki in the front of Allyse's and started off on the trek.

The walk/hike is absolutely breathtaking, wrapping around the back side of Ohlson Mountain we could see Augustine Island (an active volcano) as well as the Two Sisters, Mount Iliamna and Mount Redoubt, also active volcanos, towering above the inlet, the sun setting behind. You definitely are very aware that you are living on the Ring of Fire, and the energy here as a result is indescribable. We DRUG those sleds down the road, slipping, sliding, sinking and laughing until we arrived exhausted, at the cabin.